Universal New Multimedia Language

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New multimedia language
We are still dealing with words, whose communicative system is writing based on the pen, now keyboard, as the main instrument and reflecting a six thousand years old technology, writing. The scope is to communicate a concept, an idea, an order, anything. For that purpose we must develop a new common language, based in a universal common and single software that includes words, spreadsheets for calculations, drawings, pictures, video, audio, animation, schemes, diagrams, icons and other available media to create an all new advanced language of universal utilization.

At the moment we have the technology that can supersede the words and writing as the main means of personal communications. Pictures, video audio, animation, schemes, diagrams, icons and other available media to create an all new advanced language of universal utilization starting from the , for the children and of easy learning to all age groups including senior citizens. These media are available as single and separated software at the moment so they must be unified in a single and common one, easy to use for primary school children as well as senior citizens. We must avoid the existing software illiteracy with a new single software to give everybody the possibility to unleash its own potential untill now on hold due to lack of knowledge of all software involved.

Such new software must include the following:

-Words and writing program (ex. Word)

-Drawing and drafting program (ex CAD, Corel Draw, Photoshop etc )

-Calculating and spreadsheet program (Excel, Lotus etc)

-Photo , audio and video capability -3d , renderings and animation (3DMax, Maia etc)

-Translator (Google etc.)

–Diagrams and charts capabilities

-Web connection and hyperlinks

–videoconference and phone connection capability

Such software must be utilized by smartphone, tablet, laptop, pc or others means It must be constantly web connected. With such new language our communications will be faster, more understandable, essential and universal leading to a new step in human knowledge.


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