Vehicle Plate Barcode System (VPBS)

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Vehicle plate Barcode System (VPBS)

In modern society, speed of information circulation is increasingly critical. Responding to this need, I have designed a project that serves both police and citizens in saving time, security and effort.

This project aims to develop a security system on all vehicles; this system will aid police officers in easily obtaining information stored by the department of motor vehicles (DMV) at the Secretary of State office (SOS). The idea for this system begins with a barcode label for each vehicle. This barcode contains all information related to the registration of the car and the owner. For example, it would include the vehicle title, registration, VIN, and owner’s information (identification, SSN, phone number, and history records). 

A police officer would be able to scan the barcode fixed on vehicle plate using a scan gun or a fixed scanning screen at the front of the police car. This screen would be connected by a wire or Bluetooth to the computer in the police car.

In this way we can save both time and effort in maintaining safety on roads and highways. Ultimately, it would protect police officers from some of the dangers they face on patrol. It might also help to increase national income, where a fee is required to renew the barcode annually.


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