Displacement Safety System

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The "Displacement Safety System" (DSS) is designed for use in commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, to mitigate electrification hazards caused by man-made catastrophic events such as collision and vandalism, and natural catastrophic events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, & flooding. The system will automatically terminate the main power feed powering the charging station, immediately upon detection of an event that places the charging station in an unsafe condition or state, which may include exposure of the high voltage electrical feed that powers the station.

Commercial electric vehicle chargers operate on voltages ranging from 220 vac to 480 vac with amperage averaging between 30A and 90A; this power is also on, and in the event of a catastrophic event involving the charging station, has more than enough power to severely injure or kill anyone. To mitigate the hazards, the system utilizes an array of sensors, processors, and communication technology to quickly detect conditions that emulate those forces necessary to move, dislodge, displace, or damage the charging station to a degree that exposure of the high voltage power is likely. The system also detects high water conditions, and will respond by terminating the main power feed to prevent electrification in the event the high voltage power terminals become submerged. The system is also capable of detecting temperatures above the operating threshold of the charging station, and will terminate the power feed to prevent damage and unsafe conditions.

The Displacement Safety System is versatile and easily adaptable to mitigate electrification, fire or explosion in other utilities and in fuel delivery systems such as utility poles, street lamps, fuel/gas pumps, fuel farms, and aircraft refueling systems; the ability to mitigate hazardous exposure to electrification, fire, explosion far surpasses any other life safety system in use today; because of the flexibility in application and the ability to protect both life and property without the need for human intervention, the "DSS" is innovative.

The Displacement Safety System will be manufactured in an electronics assembly facility, to assure that production demands are met. The DSS will be marketed as an after-market system or can be easily engineered with the operating and control systems for electric vehicle charging stations; it will be marketed to Utility Companies who are installing and maintaining electric vehicle charging stations, manufacturers of electric vehicle charging stations, Commercial Property Insurers, Electrify America and other groups responsible for funding public electric vehicle charging stations both in the U.S and abroad.



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