Speech to Text Augmented Reality Glasses for Hearing Loss Individuals

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For hearing loss individuals, who want to reduce frustration while communicating, Echo Technology provides real-time text to speech on display integrated into your view. That offers inclusion, increases effective communication, and makes spontaneous conversations easier.

This product is an augmented reality device that provides cutting-edge technologies that will virtually change the way we communicate. The primary usage of the product will be assisting individuals who are either deaf or hard of hearing with a speech to text feature.

Hearing loss individuals struggle with everyday conversation. The result of this is that they sometimes feel left out. Hearing loss individuals typically use different various communication methods, such as American Sign Language, lip reading, and/or using the text features on smartphones. To communicate between hearing individuals and those are who has a form of hearing loss and only use ASL, an ASL interpreter may be needed.

While these approaches may be viable solutions to solve the communication challenge, the biggest problem is the inclination to be excluded from the casual or spur-of-the-moment conversation.

The value that this product would add is an increase in self-confidence. The everyday struggle that deaf or hard of hearing individuals face is that it is difficult for these individuals to follow along whether it is engaging in conversation, listening along in lectures, or events that do not support closed captioning. By allowing these individuals to have access to this technology, in everyday life situations, this would create a desirable benefit to their lives.


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