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Track Schedule and Information of Events, mobilize security ,threat prevention efforts by guests participation using ONVIF SDK.


We have developed a variety of apps for event organizers in the past and always thought about how we could mobilize security and threat prevention using guest's participation. Paris Attacks in 2015 educated us about the desire need to improve security by empowering attendees/guests in a festival or an event. We arrived at developing a single app with fest info and security measures tied together.


We are able to view schedule of events after selecting the categories, identify abnormal activity using ONVIF SDK integration and cameras, view the timings between the events and time table, and ensure better participation in fests.


Uses ONVIF SDK to allow camera streaming in our fest app.
Access to IP security cameras in our mobile to view live streaming.
Save logins camera details (IPADDRESS,USERNAME AND PASSWORD) ,offering the advantage not to remember the details for next time login.
View the saved logins and select the one ,and no need to enter the details again,

View the events in the organised fest.
Get information about different events in various domain by easy user interface ,simple and easy to know about the various organised events .
Get to know about the various workshops organised and their details.
Download the schedule of the fest .
Download the time table of events and workshops.


Select onvif from the various options available in the navigation bar.
Login to view the IP cameras live streaming.
Click connect to camera button.
Device information is visible .
Click on connect camera and then click on start player.
View the live streaming of the connected camera.
Save login for further user by going back to the login page and click on save login.
Next time you want to view again select load logins button and select the ip address .
The details get automatically entered and you can view the live streaming by just clicking connect to camera button.
View the various events under different categories like cs/It,Electronics,physics,aviation etc.
View the workshops details for both inhouse and outhouse workshops.
View the various performances in the fest.
About us, courses involved, schedule ,sponsors ,map gallery and feedback features are available too.



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    Vithika Gupta
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    Suryanarayan Ramamurthy - Co-founder, Director at Aspiring Investments Corp

    Manu Sheel Gupta:-
    Manu is the CEO and co-founder of Aspiring Investments Corp and SEETA (Software for Education, Entertainment and Training Activities). They work closely with mobile, tablet and cloud OEMS namely Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung and Nook Color. In addition, Manu contributes in the development of OLPC’s software paradigm through SEETA and Sugar Labs.
    Vithika Gupta
    Vithika Gupta is an independent Community developer, who has been actively involved with project. She has received an immense storehouse of knowledge and expertise from her team during the development of projects. An engineering graduate from Banasthali University, Vithika had the honour of working with Aspiring Investments Corp. Throughout the course of her studies, she has proven her intellectual capabilities through a gamut of software,
    Currently, she is working with Aspiring Investments Corp as a Senior Product Engineer.
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    To create something useful to users and which is easily understood by them.Simple and easy to use.
    Would like to develop something which is used on large and daily basis.
    Development of Interface which requires zero training.
    Selection of color scheme used on daily bases and is easily accessible to all.
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    Android Studio
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