Secure Call Center

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Secure Call Center-


Track the security of raw materials inbound and products outbound within the factory or office and directly call the associated teams.

The Issue-

The motivation of the project came from a factory owner who owns multiple units and was interested in keeping a security of raw materials inbound and products outbound within the factory along with managing the communications with the associated manager.MJPG enables us to keep a check on the inventory units and call the managers directly in case an abnormality is discovered.

The constant on-going threats from thefts, natural disasters has made it critically important for call center executives, individuals to monitor parking lots and raise alarms from any place, any time and any device.
  Achieving real time security would have tremendous value for the call centers.

  IOT (Internet of Things) has been selected as one of the ten technologies that will change the world

How it works-
Our solution enables the tracking and security of raw materials inbound and products outbound within the factory or office and lets us connect directly with the factory managers and employees in case an abnormality or possible threat theft is found. Phone numbers can be called directly using the assistant and the camera images can be previewed at any given point of time from anywhere

1)Direct phone call with managers at site using the calling feature.Just enter the number and select the country code from list of countries,
So no need to remember the other country codes now.

Direct phone call feature to communicate with managers at site in case of any possible threat of theft or malicious activity.

2) Login using Camera Preview button

Enter the URL and click on Watch to view the video of the security cameras,

Real time call center security and safety management, monitoring using old devices and cameras.
  Runs with minimum processing on device so saves battery power.
  Allows user to monitor call centers, lockers and cash, rooms and important destinations under secure IP camera streaming onto the mobile device using MJPG Video streaming.


This application uses the optimal techniques and tools that could be integrated in the given time frame.


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    Vithika Gupta
    Vithika Gupta is an independent Community developer, who has been actively involved with project. She has received an immense storehouse of knowledge and expertise from her team during the development of projects. An engineering graduate from Banasthali University, Vithika had the honour of working with Aspiring Investments Corp. Throughout the course of her studies, she has proven her intellectual capabilities through a gamut of software,
    Currently, she is working with Aspiring Investments Corp as a Senior Product Engineer.
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    To create something useful to users and which is easily understood by them.Simple and easy to use.
    Would like to develop something which is used on large and daily basis.
    Development of Interface which requires zero training.
    Selection of color scheme used on daily bases and is easily accessible to all.
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