Remote Island Monitoring

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App to share weather conditions like humidity, temperature and conditions and remotely monitor an island using npm modules

The Issue:
Remote Island monitoring systems have not been used effectively in emerging countries. We got motivated to recycle and use old phones and tablets, used devices like computers by providing remote island monitoring facility to prevent havoc in case of hurricanes, excessive rainfall. Chennai floods in 2015 have made it all the more urgent to design, develop and deploy such systems cost-effectively.

Our Magic Solution:
Our app provides the requisites features to share weather conditions like humidity, temperature and conditions and remotely monitor an island using used and broken phones and tablets, alarm clocks, internet connection, sync service, integration with IP cameras using ONVIF SDK and raise safety alarms. The cost of deployment and added technology is limited which could help the families in islands.

Our App Features:
1. It is a web application which provides real-time information about city’s weather condition. This includes temperature, humidity, condition.
2. We can use preview camera feature to access the real-time picture of any area in that city wherever the camera is installed.
3. The application benefits from getting the real-time preview of an area which can be useful in taking immediate action if required.


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    Deepti Kotwal
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    Manu Sheel Gupta is the Founder and Chairman of the Software for Education, Entertainment and Training Activities and Co-founder, Director at Aspiring Investments Corp. Gupta has served as the former South-Asia Liaison at One Laptop Per Child(OLPC), where he acquired a wealth of experience in numerous technical and leadership roles. He worked closely with the governments and organizations in India and Sri Lanka to help build OLPC foundations in these countries. In the social profit sector, he has worked as the Director, Business Development at India School Fund. He has led efforts in developing environment friendly peer to peer software, and coauthored paint, spreadsheet, and e-book readers for OLPC laptops. He is a network security and ethical hacking certificate holder and an open source enthusiast.

    Deepti Kotwal is an Open Source community developer. She is an engineering graduate in Information Technology stream from Uttar Pradesh Technical University. Currently she is working as Developer Associate Consultant at SAP India Pvt Ltd. with more than 4 years of corporate experience. Her major expertise is in developing mobile applications and SAP technologies like HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, Fiori etc.
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    My design is need base, which can help life run smoother. Getting technology more closer to human benefits.
    1. To make it “simple” to share activities. This will require an architecture that allows discovery of activities.

    2. To create versions of software activities that run on multiple operating systems and on multiple hardware platforms. It should be “simple” to install our projects everywhere. Specifically, it means packaging for every distribution and every virtual machine—removing hardware-related dependencies wherever possible.
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