Virual Glasses - Life Changing Power

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virtual healing, virtual psychologist, virtual filling with energy, virtual religion.

A device that can change people for the better. Every person on the planet Earth has a choice, which way to go, but not everyone knows about it, they live in their little world.

I developed a unique idea that can be translated into reality. The essence of the idea: a person wears glasses or a helmet, it all depends on the method of work, visualization is launched, he is greeted by the image (silhouette of the energy body), who asks if you are ready to be healed, think well at the soul level, and press the continue key. The image of the healer of the psychologist, in a nutshell, tells us where the diseases come from, the cause of the occurrence, everything depends on the program itself, but this is very important, since the disease indicates disharmony, then the healer's image calls for energy for work (deity, holy spirit). Puts the signs of cleaning on the chakras, the patient at this time concentrates on the place where at this time the healer, directs energy in the image of visualization.

The process starts, it all depends on the program, it can be energy pumping, or the charge of each organ, while the patient sees the images on the screen, and concentrates on his body, where the work on the screen takes place, as if directing this energy to this place. Ie during the work of the patient, you need to concentrate on your body and emotions, as if seeing images from the side, on the subtle plane everything is happening here and now with the patient.

At the end of the session, the healer and patient thank God's energy, for healing and the patient returns here and now.

Here is a technique for conducting a healing session, or psychological help, or all together as a whole.


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    Dmytro Voitiuk
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    creation of a product in which every person on the planet earth will need
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