Autopilot System for Anesthesia

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Anesthesia is a major drug that takes part in almost all kinds of major surgey. Anesthesia is administered to a patient by taking a few body parameters into account. This is usually done by an anesthetist where one manually analyzes these parameters and calculates the dosage. In this way the probability of error is usually high. Our solution is to remove the human error in this impeccable system, by designing a system which takes the required parameters and automatically controls the injection system. This system will assist the anesthetist in his decision making process and can also act as an autopilot for him. The Anesthesia System is powered by concept of Fuzzy Logics, which will ensure good decision making even in the absence of the Anesthetist.

Illustration 1:

The Autopilot System for Anesthesia is closed loop system as illustrated below, in which the Feed forward network ensures the drug delivery and the feedback network ensures the any modification in the drug dose, according to the response to the target (if required).

GSR Index: the response from the GSR Sensor (Galvanic Skin Response)

Anesthesia Index: the body parameter input from the EEG of the patient

Analgo Score: the body parameter input that is derived from the ECG of the patient

Illustration 2:

Many of us have a myth that Anesthesia is a single drug component, but Anesthesia is drug whose composition varies. The various composition is illustrated in the below figure

HYPNOTIC DRUG: the drug responsible for inducing sleep, which are commonly known as sleeping pills

PARALYSIS DRUG: muscle relaxant drugs

ANALGESIC DRUG: drug that causes relief prom pain, commonly termed as painkillers

AMNESIA DRUG: drugs that causes unconsciousness


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    Ashwin Balasundaram
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    The field of Embedded System always inspires me, the main idea of my design is to implement the concept of Embedded along with Medical Field that ensures welfare to the society. Also now AI - Artifical Intelliegence is the fast growing field, thus combining Embedded and AI along with Medical Aspects made me much more inspired to create this design
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    Arduino IDE, Proteus Design Suite, MATLAB (Fuzzy Inference System)
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