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I believe it is necessary for every person to have his/her medical history in a personal database and when someone visits a doctor to be able to show immediately his/her history from a platform or a USB.

Especially for new population it is ideal to have a database with all medical information from its birth. It is also important for this base to be common worldwide.

I also believe it will be very useful for the next generations to have their family medical record in a platform or a USB.

The problem is that we do not have our personal medical information assembled and whenever we need medical care, doctors have to know our medical history.The first think doctors ask and want to know is the history of the patient

So, the solution is to build a common platform to be able to import all medical history of a person (vaccinations, maladies,allergies,surgeries). It is ideal to build a common database from which every doctor will be able to get information about the medical history of a patient.


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