Cancer Biopsy Brush

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This oral biopsy brush is a patent pending technology designed to be used in the oral mucosa to take samples from all over oral epithelium. Thanks to broom form of the main design of the brush, it provides that brush bristles fully contact with the oral epithelium.

Specifically designed for the medical and dental personnel who serve to protect the health of tissues within the oral cavity and to treat the disorders of the related structures, oral biopsy brush may be utilized:

For the healthcare diagnostics purpose of suspicious oral mucosal tissue lesions by general dentists, specialists, general medical practitioners, otorhinolaryngologists, dermatologists and even by healthcare personnel, i.e. oral hygienists;

To evaluate the efficiency of treatment protocols;

During routine recall examinations of patients with previous head and neck oral cancer histories.

Since the local anesthetic administration is not required, it is suggested for patients who have dental anxiety and do not prefer injections. The absence of incision eliminates the need for bleeding control and suturing procedures. It may be advocated for patients who have systemic conditions or under medication that contraindicate the surgical biopsy.
In large mucosal multifocal lesions that require multiple biopsies, oral brush biopsy is the preferred method of surgery.


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    Every year nearly 3 million people in the USA diagnosed month cancer. Nearly all of them diagnosed late. The need for this product undeniable. This inspired me the most.
    As one of the co-founders of REMORIS start-up and designer of this useful product must say our long-term vision is to become a leading innovative company for development and production of dental care technologies with the spirit of science and teamwork.
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