A Time Reversal Device

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A method of time travel and time reversal was put forward in the 2017 Create the Future Design Contest. This entry is about improvement in the efficiency of the claimed device.

Image 1 shows spring SP with bigger inner diameter but lesser spring constant. Threads TH1 and TH2 are fixed to the two ends SPR and SPL of spring SP. Threads TH1 and TH2 run parallel to the direction of gravity and connected to fixed points SR and SL on support S. Thread TH3 starts from fixed point SX on spring SP at one end passes through the inside diameter in the upper half near plane THU and connected to point SY on spring SP at the other end. Thread TH41 and TH42 have a knot that can slide over thread TH3 like that over an inclined plane at the two ends of spring SP. This sliding is obstructed by the outer diameter of spring SP at either end. Two equal weights W1 and W2 are suspended from thread TH41 andTH42 respectively. The weights tends to slide along thread TH3 and cause net compression of spring SP perfectly perpendicular to the direction of gravity. As spring SP compresses perpendicular to the direction of gravity the tension in thread TH3 tends to decrease and weight W1 and W2 falls downward through height h as in image 1.Here the adjustment is such that the horizontal part of thread TH3 does not touch the lower horizontal surface THL of spring SP in spite of falling down. Since thread TH1 and TH2 are fixed to ends of spring SP they tend to lengthen as spring SP compresses perpendicular to the direction of gravity. So the tension in spring TH1 and TH2 tends to increase due to the reference frame dependent force.

Image 2 shows the ends of thread TH1 and TH2 being connected to lower end of outer diameter A and B of either end of spring SP1. The upper ends of outer diameter of spring SP1 are connected to threads TH1A and TH1B which are in turn connected to support S. The total length from TH1 ,TH1A plus the outer diameter of spring SP1 is fixed and not changeable and so is the length from TH2 ,TH1B plus the outer diameter of spring SP1. This increases the effective distance moved perpendicular to the direction of gravity and also the effective height h as in image 1.

Image 3 shows a mechanism to prevent buckling of springs on compression. The efficiency of the mechanism can be increased by connecting multiple of such units where interconnecting threads THA and THB of perfectly equal lengths as in image 2 must be angled inward in keeping with the conservation of symmetry of the mechanism. The rest of the mechanism and mathematics are similar to the time reversal device entry in 2017 in the same category.


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