Diabetic Wound Healer

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Healing of wounds for diabetics could be one of the most difficult challenges that diabetes causes. This project aims to help diabetics to heal their wounds using 100% natural herb with low cost. Through using Conyza Canadensis we can extract a variety of chemical compounds that enhance the process of healing and encourage metabolism such as: Flavonoids, Gallic acid, Tannic acid, Monoterpenes. All these can form a very effective medicine that reduces the time for the wound healing- especially that the volatile oil of Conyza Canadensis acts as an astringent. Through experimenting the result compound on bacteria, skin cells and blood samples we have noticed a notable difference between the time of healing of wounds with herbs and without the herb, concluding that the Conyza Canadensis extraction can form an effective compound to reduce the time of healing of wounds for diabetics. Through using this plant we can end a major problem that diabetics face which in further situations could lead to amputation due to bacterial growth and inflammations on the wounds.


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    Ahmad Azzam
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    Ahmad Azzam
    Odai Al-Khateeb
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    Medicine - Biology - Cars
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    What inspires me the most is the eagerness to help other people and reduce their suffering from diseases, I saw how my grandparent suffered from diabetes because the least wound is a huge issue for him so I was determined to find a solution for this problem, and with my project I can solve a major problem that millions round the globe are suffering from which is the slow healing of wounds for diabetics.
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