Personal Artificial Intelligence Medical Assistant (PAIMA)

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Artificial intelligence is poised to become the most disruptive technology in health care. Not only will AI change the way screening is done, it will also significantly improve the diagnostic accuracy. AI has the capacity to correlate to previously unimagined levels providing the earliest possible detection of pathogens or other health related ailments.

Imagining, pattern recognition and cross matching is the wheelhouse for AI systems, machine neural networks exceed at these functions.

With an AI personal assistant, regular body scans can find the most subtle changes in the epidermis. They can also be networked in such a way where they can both add to the AI knowledge base while also ensuring privacy. Images can be instantly networked to your personal practitioner, specialist or to a worldwide medical community for diagnostic collaboration.

One thing is absolutely clear, as an AI systems become more knowledgeable; that is, has an ever increasing database of data, both speed and accuracy will improve which will reduce costs and recommend specialist or better targeted therapies.

With a dual band, Visual and Infrared body scan, the system can effectively detect and in some cases diagnose
-Body Temperature abnormalities (IR)
-Variations in skin Tone, Early Infection Detection (Visible/IR)
-Tick Detection and Identification (Visual)
-Infrared thermal imaging for detection of peripheral vascular disorders
-Bone Fractures, (Visible/IR)

Full Epidermis Monitoring and Examination
-Early Detection Precancerous Lesions
-Rash Identification
-Skin Growths/Cyst
-Lumps Swollen Glands or other Protuberances

For $20K I can build the prototype PAIMA station with optics/cameras and rotating stand. I will be looking for partners for the AI neural networks, software and cloud integration.


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