CareWear Wearable Light Therapy

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CareWear is focused on the development and sale of innovative medical devices for wearable light therapy for professional and consumer markets globally. These novel products use patented, breakthrough printed LEDs and Cadmium Free Quantum Dots on micro fabricated flexible substrates to provide a therapeutic light bandage for the purpose of treating pain and accelerating recovery from soft tissue injury. The treatment of acute injury using the CareWear Light Patch can be used in sports to accelerate recovery from injury, return to work following occupational injury, and in post traumatic injury such as falls, vehicular injury, military training and field injury. This accounts for more than 17.1M patients annually in the United States.

CareWear is devoted to making it easier for consumers, patients and medical professionals to incorporate wearable therapeutics during their daily activities. Carewear products are also used in professional and amateur sports to assist in recovery from exercise and to reduce muscle soreness following activity. They are highly effective as an immediate solution in the treatment of contusions, tendon and ligament injuries.

Carewear is launching the products at the National Athletic Trainers Meeting in June and will be delivering product during the 3rd quarter of 2018. Our light patches are made in the USA.

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    Dr. Chris Castel
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    Tony Wei, Dawn Castel, Chris Castel, Bill Avery, Todd Smith, Joe Cummings, Lana Roe
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    To provide clinically proven novel therapeutic solutions for pain, tissue healing and exercise recovery that are accessible to consumers and health care professionals with a clean easy to use esthetic design.
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