New Dawn for the Visually Handicapped

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This is in advanced improvement of the existing smart cane which has deficiencies which are corrected in my design. The smart cane is named 'MAGIC WAND" which is of high impact plastic, painted with radiant color for the head lights of vehicles in the night. It is three feet in length with a rope loop at hand end and a wheel at the other end. The wand is held at the hip level and the wheel just three feet away from foot of user, keeps moving sensing the ups and downs of the contour of the path as also the pits, slush, open drain. This is unbreakable and no wear and tear. This has no power for movement of wheel. Just as the user walks effortlessly, the wheel moves ahead in the same alignment.

Associated with it is a device called "Helen Keller." This is a metal box of 4"x 4"x 2" in size weighing 210 grams. A belt with Velcro is provided for the user to wear it around his waist adjusting to size. This has a 5V power bank to power it. Now the visually impaired person (VIP) has to orally ask someone to help. This halt retards his walk. In Helen Keller a prerecorded voice is provided which when activated will start with a bugle and drum music to attract the attention of the co walkers with a request to help to avoid obstacles, pits, slush, open drain, edge of the road. This message is for 20 seconds but keeps repeating automatically without need for reactivation. This has also facility of ultrasonics which when activated will get the reflected wave activate a voice to warn VIP of obstruction on the way. Since the box is exactly at the navel level, the beaming of ultra sound is straight to obstruction. This is the most possible description of the project. One must have a FEEL of the two items by wearing and pushing. Detailed write up in PDF, pictures in JPG and a video in You Tube are available. See



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    Shree Ramachandran
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    EDA TOOLS PDP and smart work
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    inspiration comes from the needs an ordinary man wants. I was moved by case of electrocution of doctor couple and i designed this to ensure protection from electrocution and help elders and handicapped switching power with TV remote.
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