Anti-Bleed Out Device

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This submission is a device that would reduce the chance of bleed out in trauma situations such as gun shot and stab wounds. The device consists of a probe made of moderately flexible plastic that is surrounded by a ribbed latex balloon. The balloon would be inflated by a thumb pump in the handle. The probe would be inserted into the wound prior to inflation, its insertion would be aided by a lubricant jell containing both antibiotics and a coagulant. The device would be packaged in a sterile wrapper with the lubricant already in place. The purpose of the ribs is to allow for different insertion depths, they would apply a more even pressure to the wound, and would prevent the probe from being pushed out of the wound by unequal inflation diameters. To deflate the balloon it would simply be cut at the hospital or medics facility. Large exit wounds would still require traditional compresses and or tourniquet.


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    Robert Rowells
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    I was an automotive engineer that specializes in engines and I have a passion for improving efficiency. I also want to contribute to eliminating greenhouse gasses.
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