Pre-Donation Blood Chair (PDBC)

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Pre-Donation chair

The problem :
Lack of accuracy in screening before blood donation.
Long waiting time when you go to the Blood Donation Center.
Lack of personnel working in the field of examination before blood donation.

The expected results:
Increase accuracy in testing before blood donation.
Reduce the time to wait when you go to the Blood Donation Center.
Facilitate the process of donating blood and reducing human resources in need.
A light device can drive in mobile blood donation campaigns outside the center

About the project:
This project is a comfortable chair with a blood donor connected to a tablet that gives instructions (written and sound) to the donor and identifies the language of the deal. The donor then enters the basic personal information (name and ID number). The program is linked to the personal information system. There is a balance that weighs the person as soon as sitting on the chair, if the donor's weight is less than 50 km, does not allow to stop the process of donation and the data are sent to the site of donation (site draw blood). If the weight is above 50, it gives instructions to measure the pressure using if the pressure is below the normal range, stop the test. If it is normal, the donor will complete the temperature measurement, hematocrit and hemoglobin level using chair-mounted devices and follow the instructions. The donor will then answer the questions that are placed for reasons that impede the donation (if you find that the answer to a question prevents the donor from donating), and if the patient has answered all the questions without any problem to the donation, the data will be sent to allow the donation The nurse then withdraws the blood.


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