Heart Monitoring and Heart Attack Prediction Using ECG Signals

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Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and stress are increasing the threat of cardiac diseases in India. ECG is an effective tool in the prediction and determination of heart related diseases. But time consumption and accuracy are the two factors that hinder this technology from becoming the next biggest business model. Our model, being a digital hospital, takes care of these two issues. The device will monitor heart condition of an individual and predict the upcoming abnormalities in a few minutes without any input effort by the user based on ECG/EMG. In case of any abnormality, the nearest hospital will be alerted using IOT technology. Also, based upon the condition determined by the device, the user will be provided with the necessary first-aid instructions. This device not only saves time but it is a user-friendly process to monitor health without visiting the hospital.

Our objective is to design a portable device which can connect to the internet and provide a real-time diagnosis of health of an individual. Heart diseases are quite predominant in West from a very long time, and now India also is suffering the same fate and having 30 million heart patients. Thus the prime motive of this project is to slow down the number of deaths and sufferings due to cardiac diseases by developing a digital heart monitoring device.

This service will reach out to the people of all age groups. People living in remote areas will benefit largely. The device will predict upcoming heart diseases and provide medical help in case of an emergency. Data from the sensors will be analyzed by software which will determine the state of health. The physical hardware will be integrated with the digital world to build a network. Doctors, ambulances and the user will use this network to interact and share data. The device will enable people to have a regular check-up without actually visiting the hospital. Moreover, it will come handy in case of an emergency. It will provide the necessary first- aid depending upon the condition of the patient and will ease the process of getting help from a professional expert doctor.


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    Tahir Ahmad
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    Tahir Ahmad, Ashar Shahid
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    Cardiovascular disease is one of the major issue in the world. If I could develop a device that could monitor heart condtions and tell the user in real time about its condition and suggests him for improvements.
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    Arduino IDE, Matlab, Android Studio
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