Advanced Method of Multi-stage Cold Forming of Titanium Opens Up New Perspectives

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Titanium is an indispensable material in medical technology. Until now, deep-drawn parts made of titanium could only be produced by single-stage forming - this resulted in low drawing depths and thus a very limited range of parts. Furthermore, often only low precision was possible. Multi-stage cold forming was uneconomical due to the extreme stress of the tools.

STÜKEN has developed a new process to produce titanium parts in several stages in a cold forming process. This generates numerous advantages - especially for medical technology:

• The multi-stage deep-drawing process allows for high-precision components.
• The process opens up opportunities to meet new challenges and form complex geometries.
• Long, slim titanium components can be produced in a deep-drawing process.
• Lower wall thicknesses enable lightweight products and significant cost savings.

Our innovation extends the spectrum of deep-drawn titanium components to complex geometries and long, slim tubes. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for medical product design.

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