Ease the Cough

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A portable steamer that can turn water to steam in a split second and further help improve coughing and phlegmatic retention problems of lungs.

With the worsening of air pollution, our lungs generate sputum to isolate particles from invading as a self-protection when polluted air is inhaled. The situation resulted in increasingly serious coughing. If sputum stays in lungs, lung disease might occur and even cause death. Also, coughing will affect living and sleeping quality.

To solve the problem induced by sputum, portable inhaling steamer, Ease the Cough, is capable of instantly heating up water and turning it into smaller molecular. Patients’ sputum can be diluted after inhaling such steam to make coughing up phlegm easier.

Patients can adopt drug-gasified treatments with a prescription from doctors so that it’s easier to absorb medicine and to achieve better efficacy. Ease the cough is universally-designed to be compatible with different containers.


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    Yu San Weng
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    Lin, Wei-Chi
    Hsu, Yi-Wen
    Weng, Yu-San
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