SOMAVAC® 100 Sustained Vacuum System

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Of the more than 750,000 U.S. surgical patients annually, approximately 20% experience complicated seromas requiring painful and costly interventions such as aspirations, which add more than a $1 billion burden to the U.S. healthcare system.

The current standard of post-surgical care is manually operated closed-suction systems, such as Jackson-Pratt (JP) drains or Hemovacs, which are meant to draw fluid out with manual suction generated by a flexible, suction bulb attached to the end of the drain. Surgical drains are worn by patients anywhere from days to several months depending on the self-reported fluid volume. The inability of the flexible suction bulb to generate continuous suction is a major factor in prolonged drain indwelling times which increases opportunities for complications. Bulbs are also fraught with issues such as leakage, clogging and spillage, and patients struggle to follow instructions which may lead to inaccurate use of drains.

SOMAVAC® 100 Sustained Vacuum System is a low-profile, user friendly, wearable closed suction drain device that applies sustained vacuum to a closed wound following surgery to remove fluid effectively and reduce the risk of seroma.

SOMAVAC® 100 was specifically designed to replace the legacy technology of using suction bulbs with surgical drains, which has seen little innovation or advancements since the bulbs’ conception in 1970’s. In addition to its health benefits, the drain and pump can be discretely worn under clothing which aids in helping patients return to normal activities while recovering.

The SOMAVAC® 100 is indicated for use in a range of surgeries which lead to large surgical flaps requiring drains, such as abdominal surgery, mastectomy, cosmetic surgery, hernia surgery, orthopedic procedures, etc. It is the only patient-centric, value-based alternative to the suction bulbs used in closed suction drains.

The device will be manufactured in the U.S. by a major electro-mechanical medical device manufacturer in the Northeast along with individual vendors, which span across the Eastern us from Florida to Maine. ENERCON Technologies (Gray, ME) is our CM.

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