Skin Cancer Treatment

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Treatment of skin malignancies that are resistant to medication, such as super bug or skin cancer, via direct current voltage surrounding the malignancy and center electrode on surface of malignancy, elevating the temperature as the current travels through the root structure to the center electrode.

Description: Place a stainless steel washer of sufficient inside diameter size to surround the malignancy with a gap of at least 3mm per side where the inside of the washer exceeds the size of the malignancy. This washer has an attached pin for electrical connection that is laser welded or other form of welding. The (-) of the power supply or battery is connected to this pin / washer. An additional center rounded head stainless steel nail or pin is connected to the (+) side the power supply or battery. This center pin is placed in contact with the upper center of the malignancy and the DC current (9-30) volts is applied. Care is taken not to bring these into contact with each other. The current flows through the malignancy between the center pin and the surrounding washer. This current elevates the temperature of the malignancy gently to about 65 degrees C and also kills the malignancy via the electric current.

Results: Malignancy dies, and the skin heals of a burn wound in a normal burn wound healing process. Very easy to build, very low cost. Very available all over the world. Process can be performed with solar panel battery power or and automobile battery power.

A more advanced variation is to include a thermocouple temperature reading to the center electrode confirming the appropriate temperature rise. For large malignancies a flexible substrate can be made with rows and rows of protruding electrode dots that are then alternately connected to opposite polarities having the same effect but on a much larger area at the same time. Placing this array of electrodes onto the malignancy will then cause the current to flow through the malignancy elevating its temperature and also the electric current kills the malignancy. These devices can be re-sterilized and reused or discarded as they are of very low cost. This system treats a localized area without harming other areas.


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