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It is too hard to diagnose a patient who just arrived at a hospital. While diagnostic tests are carried by different people, at times the situation becomes life critical. And, most of the time the big picture about the patient is not clear to the doctors.

I'm thinking of creating a bed for patients which can show diagnostic details on a screen connected to the patient's bed. This screen is capable of showing ultrasound, MRI & x-ray images. And find anomalies in diagnostic images which can help doctors in speeding up treatment of patient.

Currently, different devices are available that show one set of information at a time, 2with no correlation among them. Hence, leaving everything on the doctor. In case the doctor is not available, nurses are helpless as the doctors cannot see & judge the patient's condition.

This product can be deployed across all hospitals, which can help in monitoring body vitals & shows a dashboard of the patient's condition. This can also be integrated seamlessly with Digital Operating Rooms.

Every hospital needs it, as this can increase visibility on patient health & reduce stress involved in different diagnostic tests.

A patient bed connected with diagnostic display, powered by AI & cloud. Bed will be fitted with diagnostic devices; so that we minimize further pain to patient .

This will be sold as a boxed product & subscription will be associated with Bed.

No such product in the market. You can only buy individual diagnostic devices & put next to patient.


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