Electronic Health Record as a Service (EHRs)

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A tremendous number of imaging studies accompanied by radiological reports are accumulated and stored in hospitals' PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) in the form of Electronic Health Records. EHR have potential to transform our medical system, clinical decision-making, and provide evidence of policies and support the hospitals in cases of litigation.

Our solution, EHR (Electronic Health Record ) as a service will provide a platform which will help in legitimate storage of medical records, application to view the DICOM files, authenticated movements of records between different stakeholders like hospitals, insurance agency, pharmacies etc. The application can be accessed using the Internet browser, all the data will be on cloud and accessible everywhere and anywhere.

Benefits of EHRs are:
● The cloud-based web application which is accessible anywhere and everywhere. The application will have the capability to show DICOM files using open source DICOM viewer ORTHANC. *
● The application will allow bulk query and mass data movement from one PAC system to another.
● Patient information can be secured and shared anywhere at any time with help of EHR. Using secured and permission Blockchain we will make the patient’s medical record movement simpler, quicker, transparent and secured.
● Quality documentation can be maintained (perceptible, readable, records, reports and charts).
● Reduce the issues of prescription of incorrect medicines.
● Complete patient history records improve the cure outcomes.
● These systems greatly aid the physician for immediate patient treatment by capturing the key records. Using machine learning, the EHRs application will help in better prediction and diagnosis of diseases.

EHR as a service helps in storing sharing and cleansing medical records. EHRs also builds and deploys artificial intelligence technologies which can help in early prediction/diagnosis of diseases. The application will be a subscription-based model available over a cloud and anyone can be the customer including hospitals, pharmacies and the patients.

Our vision is to improve the adoption of electronic healthcare in the world and provide the single platform which can help in better management, storing and movement of medical records as well as using artificial intelligence system in prediction and diagnosis.

Our market is wider spread involving different stakeholders.
● Primarily for the hospital and laboratories, we will provide the service of EHR file creation, centralized storage and record management. These electronic records can also be moved from one hospital unit to another just in time with the analysis report via permission Blockchain network.
● Insurance agencies can utilize the data to provide customized insurance plans to the customer. This will improve transparency and will provide cost-effective benefits.
● Research institutions/Laboratories can use the data for machine learning in prediction/diagnosis of diseases, suggesting personalized prescription or health care tips to patients
● For patients, a digital and secure platform for storing medical history. This will not just decrease costs and but will also streamline care delivery.


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