Bore Well Rescue Robot

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The proposed system is to save life from the bore wells. Small children without noticing the hole dug for the bore well slip in and get trapped. Since the holes are dug too deep it is quite impossible to save life. The fire force and medical team find it difficult to rescue children due to unknown levels of humidity, temperature and oxygen in the depths of the bore well. Rescue work can be a long drawn affair lasting close to thirty hours. The time taken is long enough to kill a precious life. Even if rescued the child may die due to injuries sustained. This has created an open challenge to the field of medicine, rescue and the whole human society. To aid in such rescue we have proposed a system that will easily rescue within two hours of time without any major injury. By that a precious life can be saved, hardly nineteen incidents happened from 2004 till date.

This project aims at designing a system which not only rescues a trapped victim from bore well but also deals with safe handling of the victim. The system is a lightweight machine that goes down into the bore-well and holds the victim systematically. This system is controlled and supported by a cable rope, a gear assembly, a stand and two artificial claws. The structural design of this system makes it possible to have the adaptation to the diameter of bore well and its walls. The condition of trapped child is monitored through wireless camera on PC. The microcontroller cannot provide the sufficient current to the multiple gear motors, so rather than using motor driver, direct supply is given to gear motors using switch pad which enables the robot to work smoothly. The project is intended to reduce the risk involved during the child rescue operation by analysing the situation.


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