Effect of Performance on Various Piston Profiles

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In this study an attempt has been made to understand the effect of Various Piston Profiles on the performance and emission characteristics in a combustion engine, providing an opportunity to reduce noise pollution, emission of harmful particulates, smoke, increasing the mileage & performance. Thus the unwanted skirt is removed from both sides of the piston, so that the wear resistance would be increased and the piston would be easily reciprocated.

This describes the stress and temporal and stress distribution of the piston by using FEA. The main objectives are to investigate and analyze the thermal and stress distribution of the piston at the real engine condition during the combustion process. The paper describes the materialistic optimization with using finite element analysis techniques to predict the higher stress and critical region on the component. The optimization is carried out to reduce the stress concentration on the upper end of the piston i.e. (piston head/crown and piston skirt and sleeve).


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    Arun Raj
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    The biggest problem today is fuel consumption.My design will decrease the wear and increase the milege.
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