New Device Extracts Plant Active Ingredient in One Step Instead of Four Devices

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The innovation is a device used to extract plant active ingredient in one step, by combining the features of 4 devices that are used in plant extraction in addition to other options.

1. cutter mill (used for size reduction of plant and milling it)
2. percolator (used for percolate and of plant with solvent)
3. high shear mixer (used for mixing plant with solvent for extraction & to increase speed of extraction)
To facilities extraction use.
4. basket centrifuge (used for high speed filtration by centrifugation)

We managed to design a new device that contains a mixed feature of all these processes gathered In one device that is used for cutting, percolation, dispersing, mixing of plant in solvent for extraction of plant active material. And by addition of filtration by centrifuging and adding heat jacket. That will make these processes much easier than before with lower cost as:
it decrease time of extraction to 12 hour instead of 7 days.
a- time of extraction as device have ability of mixing & increase temperature and that decrease extraction time to 3-4 days in old process to ten hours.
b- time of filtration as it decrease from 2 day by traditional process in percolator to 20 minute by use centrifuge power as internal pan round in speed of 2000 round/minute.
2.  save money as it :
.a- cheap equipment and process
b- less equipment is used so save space.
c- decrease labor in factory form 3 to 1 person in lab scale & from 12 to 4 person in industrial scale.
.d- save electricity power used

How to use:
The device is cheap equipment & produces low cost, high quality product in a very short time so can use it in:
1 plant research “pharmacognosy."
2 decrease of using synthetic ingredient in drug & food industry “ as flavor & food color…”
3 development of all desert specially sinai & halaib and shalatin by using the device to extract natural plant instead to export it or sale it as row material
4 start of national of extraction of plant active ingredient that use in drug industry & perfumes at a globally competitive price. 


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