A Method of Preventing Ocean Low Air Pressure and Cyclones/Hurricanes

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We know that tropical cyclone are created from warming of a large area of ocean and for this reason, moist air over the ocean rises upward from near the surface. Because this air moves up and away from the surface (this is called low air pressure), air from surrounding areas with high pressure becomes, and warm and moist and rises too.

I think that, if we can do down the temperature of low pressure area (at center/eye of low pressure) as soon as and if the procedure is possible among the low air pressure center so that ,rate of evaporation is same of surrounding area and flow of cold air is stop from surrounding area of low pressure , cyclone will be not formed .

To success this procedure , I propose an idea ( I am not a scientist ). I send two procedure about this if it can save the world from cyclone / hurricane .

The technology for one system is lifting cold water from bellow 500 meter or more from surface by many submersible pump from area of cyclone center and the water to be pour on surface water from some height and it to be done by many unit with keeping some distance at all over cyclone center ,For it temperature will be down of low pressure area like surrounding area. For it evaporation rate will reduce like surrounding area and will be stop flow cold air from that surrounding area .

To apply this technology ,I suggest to send at once of primary stage of low air pressure, many robot boat which fitted with two or more heavy duty submersible pump which will lift cold water and will left the water on surface water form some height .All the same roboted boat will be remote controlled with a ship which will stay at the out side of low pressure center . The roboted boat will be fitted with low height two or more vertically spread bladed turbine ,so that the storm can not any damage of it. To protect from sinking the boat for wave, I suggest to fit an end side closed /rounded hollow pipe of minimum 3-4 feet diameter at the upper side of boat. Except it the boat will be covered to protect from entering .water and solar panel can be fitted up on the cover .It may be operate fully by self generating un conventional energy or mixed with conventional energy. The roboted boat will stay either still or run among the low air pressure center and these will be operate by remote control from the ship which will stay at the out side of low air pressure center.

The second procedure is, draw the surface hot water though ‘U’ shape pipe ( the bottom position of pipe will stay bellow minimum 1000 meter from surface) and the water will pour up on opposite side surface water from some height .


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