Extinguishing High Temperature Fires

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FEM-12 an Aqueous High Temperature Fire Fighting Agent (AHTFFA) that can extinguish composite materials, metal fires with temperatures that reach 2,000 F to 8,000 F degrees, rubber tires, and wheel rim fires. The environmentally safe agent rapidly extinguishes the fire, reduces the temperature and places a coating/barrier on the burning material to reduce re-ignition.

The aqueous agent allows the extinguishment of vertical fires that cannot be extinguished by dry powders and other agents. Because it is aqueous it reduces the heat more rapidly then a dry powder as a dry powder traps the heat beneath the powder not allowing the heat to dissipate. The coating/barrier placed on the burning material reduces the possibility of oxygen and surrounding temperatures from re-igniting the material. Because of the agent being aqueous it can be applied from a safer distance then that of dry powder. The aqueous agent can be applied in high wind conditions that normally have an adverse affect on dry powder application. In the case of an equivalency of AHTFFA to dry powder a half a gallon to 150 pounds.

FEM-12 increases the safety of the fire fighters, and reduces the loss of equipment and property while extinguishing the fire more quickly and safely.



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    Reduce fire losses and increase safety where there was not an available product.
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