Quick Connector

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With the main objective improving electromagnetic compatibility, twisted wires are widely used for telephones and Ethernet systems as when wires are twisted the electromagnetic radiation and cross talk between neighbor pairs is reduced, the rejection of external electromagnetic interference is improved and the electrical noise can be prevented.

The biggest disadvantages of these cables is that the interference is depending on the pair scheme and must be intact during installation, and they have stringent requirement that do not allow big variations. When trying to install multiple pairs, connections between them are needed and due to that the twisted effect is sometimes destroyed by the connection system used.

In order to eliminate those constraints we developed the quick connector that can be applied to wires to grant continuity and to avoid the twisting effect to be damaged. The connector is completely made with polymers and the inner side of is made with additives to assure electrical continuity.


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    Sandra Matos
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    Carlos Santos, Fernando Veloso, Leonardo Gonçalves, Emanuel Carvalho
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