Cavity Plugs Holder

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Connectors with wire sealing were developed for use in applications where waterproof protection and rugged construction are required. Waterproof protection is achieved by means of a wire seal which is inserted onto the wire and crimped simultaneously with the insulation support of the contact. Sometimes due to the design of the part not all cavities are fulfilled with crimped contacts and on those cases a cavity plug is inserted (plastic pin that has the function of waterproof the system). The main constraint related to those cavity plugs is the insertion of them that is still being done manually. With the current challenges on industry to go miniaturize, this is becoming hard work. Based on that we had the idea of constructing a holder to the connectors, completely fulfilled with electrical pins, which based on computerized system will be activated or inactivated. Whenever a contact is to be plugged the pins remain active. Whenever is to be introduced the cavity plug, the pin is going back and an air pressure system is pulling the cavity plug into the connector cavity.


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    Sandra Matos
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    Carlos Santos, Fernando Veloso, Leonardo Gonçalves, Emanuel Carvalho
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