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A robotic hand is basically sensors with high degrees of repeatability, precision, and reliability and thus sensors play an important role in a robotic hand. Flex sensor and accelerometer are such devices, which accomplish the above task with a great degree of accuracy. The project Prosthetic Hand for Disabled is aimed at helping the handicapped people who don’t have one hand which limits their capabilities in real life. This hand can perform the various operations and can replace in the form of prosthetic limbs with the help of a microcontroller programming. In the development of dexterous robotic hands, the design is based on different goals which in turn depend on the type of application that the hand is being used for.

The two main goals for the project are
• Making an anthropomorphic hand (i.e., as close to human characteristics as possible) and
• Making an efficient manipulator

The function of the hand is usually to displace objects in a 3D-space in a flexible way, so that different objects and displacements can be made. So, this hand can hold and pick different objects as per the movement of the other hand and incorporates movements of wrist, individual fingers to hold objects and provide flexibility.

The prototype has been made using the 3D printer by designing the hand on AutoCAD software. In the hand, threads are used to join all parts. The sensors work by providing the information on the movement of all the fingers and the fingers can move independently of each other as required. The information from sensor is fed to Arduino which makes all the decisions of working of motor. Gyro sensor accelerometer is used for wrist movement in the hand. The project addresses future prosthetics development; help physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians make better clinical care decisions regarding prosthetic selection; justify to payers the need for advanced prosthetic devices; and ultimately improve the quality of life for patients with upper limb amputations.


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