Palletizing Gripper

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Applied Robotics has developed a new family of Palletizing Grippers. The following are some of the benefits of the new design;

•High Energy Density (Payload to Gripper Weight Ratio) – 1:1 Payload to Gripper weight ratio allows users to avoid using large robots to palletize lightweight bags or boxes. The weight to payload ratio is the less than any other of its kind on the market. The ARI Palletizing Gripper can handle any payload that is necessary to manage.
•Versatility – Gripper width easily adjusts and locks with Patent Pending Self-Locking Rotary Handwheel.
oWidth adjusts in seconds with no tools required and can be modified for use without requiring any custom tools.
oSelf-Locking feature never loosens or fails.
oThe ARI Palletizing Gripper is adjustable to fit any conveyor.
•Robustness – Engineered construction with select materials providing maximum strength and operating life under any industrial environment.
•There are very few custom components in its design making it easy to produce anywhere. It is currently produced in our manufacturing facility in NY.
•Failsafe Payload Support – Will not lose payload during loss of power or air due to actuator design.
•Flexibility –Mounts directly to robot face plate utilizing an integral ISO 9409-1 125mm or 160mm Bolt Circle (BC).
•Flexible Communications Protocol – Connection ready for common industrial protocols (ETHERNET/IP, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DEVICENET).
•Application/Conveyor Specific Fingers – Adjustable finger spacing fits any conveyor pitch.
•High Throughput Capability – Will palletize up to 30 bags per minute (BPM)
•It can be applied anywhere there is a need to move and palletize cartons, bags, boxes, etc.
•Slip sheet and pallet placing options easily bolt to the unit

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