E-Rain Gates (Smart Storm Water Inlets Gate)

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New Innovation to improve Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation by creating smart gates for storm water inlets that are sensitive to rain (open and close) automatically when required to restrict sand from flooding these inlets during or before rain. With feature of electronic maintenance which checks the sand level or percentage in the inlets eliminating the chance of lengthy manual labour or faulty assessment of these inlets.

But overall, there are many more advantages to E-Rain Gate than just its practical use. 1) It stops sand and other elements from blocking the inlets which lead to flooding on the streets. 2) It reduces manual labor and mistakes when it comes to maintenance of these Inlets. 3) It leads to a smart way of road management, where regular checks can be made with just the click of a mouse.

Missions and Goals
Offer solutions that meet the needs Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation (Storm water O&M) and increase protectively, accurate result and quality of life, being environmentally friendly (Green Management).
We Deliver Innovative Solutions For Complex Storm Water Problems
Main industry verticals targeting: The Governments (municipality) Save more than 65% for normal maintenance cost (only pay for inlet which selected it and must need it for Maintenance)
• Selling and training this New Application to apply it (Hard & Software)
• The estimated cost of these gate = 30$ Forever (the price of the gate) è to 26$ (the price of annual maintenance only)

The (Consultant /Contractor) Companies work with Operation & Maintenance Municipalities

Values and Visions
• Leading Idea / company in production and fixing of Electronically Maintenance and Operation control (Storm Water O&M) Infrastructure at the international level.
• The mechanism of supporting innovations and organizations involved by companies work with Operation & maintenance municipality to (manufacturing, fixed and maintenance it)
• Organizational objectives: Position ourselves as a leading national and global level to provide environmentally friendly solutions to increase protectively environment and people from rain problem by using technologies that do not affect people or the environment

Proved the Social Acceptability of this Proposal by taken International Awards and good examples of practice from a lot of International Innovations conferences & Exhibitions with The Best Practice Awards in the Personal Award Category (Ref. No.ARE455-14) (Civilectronics) in the DIABP International Award from the (Dubai Municipality & UN).
Win 70 Nos. of International Innovation Medals (47 Gold, 16 Silver & 6 Bronze) with 80 Nos. of International Innovation Certificates, the Legion of Honor, Special Award, 4Nos.of the Outstanding International Diplomas and adopted & published internationally in more than 20Nos. of international engineering conferences (Sweden, Taiwan, Malaysia, Romania, Russia, Kuwait, Korea, Ukraine, U.K., China, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Italy, Hong Kong, Poland, Thailand, Belgrade, Zagreb, Mongolia, Croatia, Indonesia, India, Czech, Bahrain, Turkey and Bulgaria)

For More Information Please find attached the Summery Presentation & Awards and below further Links:
Web: https://e-rain-gate.wixsite.com/e-rain-gate />R&D: http://www.ijser.org/onlineResearchPaperViewer.aspx?Civilectronics-The-Electronically-Control-of-Civil-Works-for-Infrastructure.pdf />https://www.ierek.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Abstract-template-Word-E-Rain-Smart-Storm-water-Inlets-Gate.pdf />News: http://www.barakabits.com/2015/04/e-rain-gate-smart-road-drain-system



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    Khaled Elnems
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    Khaled Elnems is an (Q.C. & CAD Tech.) born & based in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. with experience Over 16 years working with International Consultants under Municipalities in the field of Construction/O&M (Sewerage/Stormwater/Water-supply/building) as Quality Engineering Control of Material / method Industrial Administration and Designing (CAD Tech.), also has experience preparing proposals and presenting presentation information to clients by used programs for Design:( Auto CAD (2D/3D) / for model by Autodesk 123D (3D Printing)), All Media Graphic Program (Program, Photoshop Photo & Video Editor) finalised by Visual Basic Program .
    Also has experience as R&D Innovations in the field of Innovations and Design (prototype) it with Improve Quality of Invention, invented many of inventions with patents in different fields for (Sustainability (Green Management), Clean Energy/Preserve Water and Welfare Electronic), Innovative Solutions for Complex Road Stormwater Problems.
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    Innovations and Design Improve Quality
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    R&D Innovations in the field of Innovations and Design it with Improve Quality of Invention, he has invented many of inventions with patents in a lot of fields for (Sustainability (green Management), Clean energy/Preserve Water and Welfare Electronic), also he is a Head of Delegation and Jury Committee in International Innovations Exhibitions Under (Egypt & U.A.E), he is one of founders of the Egyptian Society care about women & youth Inventors,
    Leadership: Participated and Awarded it as a Head of Delegation and Jury Committee in International Innovations Exhibitions latest were The Best Environment Tech Startup Awards from The Ajman University Innovation Center (AUIC). and The Best Practice the Personal Award in the DIABP International Award from the (Dubai Municipality & UN).
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    CAD & Visual Basic
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