Solar-Tile-II, for Homes & Vehicles Outputs DC or AC

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Formed from ceramic tiles imbibe solar-thermal energy in full-spectrum! Coupled with a heat-fed dynamo the panel acts like a DC battery which may be connected series or parallel. In addition, in AC mode the central A plate synchronizes all the other plates. An array is created by one A plate surrounded by four B-plates which then connect to more A-plates. A blue-tooth interface configures all system components. The plates interface at the edges, there is no wiring to expose to rodents. Plates are light weight and durable, A twenty-year lifespan is guaranteed. Forty Panels in series creates 120 volt output. The forty panel array is light enough to put on a flip-up panel. Tiles are moderately priced a full 16-panel array for 48 volt DC panel would cost less than $300.00. Panel size is 8"x 8" square 1/2" thick.


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    Wayne Pickette
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