Large Capacity Air Filter for Urban Environmental Improvement

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This air filtration system will clean PM2.5, PM10 & NOx from ambient air at the rate of more than 10,000 cubic meters per hour. It can be installed at various polluted city centers, road junctions, parks, stadiums, hospitals, workshops, etc., places with electric power provision. This can also mounted on vehicles for on-site operation with the help of solar power or battery support.

The system consists of five sub-systems namely 1) high volume ambient air compressor 2) filtration treatment of air 3) discharge of filtered and clean air in the environment or thru' ducts 4) electric motor and electronics to operate compressor in automatic mode 5) sheet metal enclosure.

High capacity air compressor is based on the design principle of aircraft jet engine (LP multi row axial compressor segment). Mechanical drive can be provided by an electric motor through the existing jet engine auxiliary power output provision. Presently a jet engine can be modified for prototype development and subsequently these sub system can designed with lighter and cheaper materials like Aluminium, graphite or glass filled nylon blades and steel shafts. Filteration of the compressed ambient air can be performed with conventional HVAC materials together with newly developed nano technology cloths. Filter items can either serviceable or replaceable type. The drive system can automated with the help of electronic logic / actuator to activate whenever the pollutants threshold limit is crossed at any location. The whole unit will be integrated under a stainless steel cover with aesthetic sense and attractive piece of art at the polluted city centers.


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