Green Treasures - Conversion of Waste Tyres and Polymers into Paving Bricks/Slabs

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Green treasures paving bricks/slabs solve the problem of environmental pollution through innovative technology because they are manufactured from waste polymers and recycled tyres that are clogging drainage systems and littering the environment.

Potential Benefits
- It proffers solution to bad roads and potholes when used in road construction due to its waterproof nature.
- Creates massive employment for youth both direct and indirect jobs thereby reducing unemployment rates.
- offers good value for money due to its high tensile strength.

It is novel because we are making highly sustainable and environmentally friendly bricks from what has been tagged waste and menace to the society, however creating wealth from it i.e from waste to wealth and it reduces health risk, polymers that otherwise would have been burnt indiscriminately releasing dioxins which are carcinogenic are now converted to highly durable and long lasting bricks. Also, the carbon black from the recycled tyres are very good UV stabilizers.

Our products would be used as paving bricks in road construction, interlocking of homes, compounds, Garages, packs etc.

Market potential
Our target market for short and medium term goal is the middle-high class homeowners, landlords, building contractors, civil engineers, architects, while our long-term goal is Government contracting agencies.

How it would be manufactured
We are employing a sustainable technology using an extruder( Injection molding machine) that melts the waste polymers and crumb rubber from recycled tyres and mixed with stone dust which is casted in a mould, waterbathed and allowed to cool for 15-30mins, the production process is automated and technology driven.

The production is cheaper than conventional cement bricks due availability of plastic litters every where in the environment. However, cement bricks per/sqm is about $5 while our plastic brick is about $4 per/sqm.


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    Nicholas Ajana
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    Passion for pollution free environment(zero waste) and massive youth unemployment rates in Nigeria.
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