Solar Water & Cooking System

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1.The project is mainly focused on an alternative way, best way to get fresh water...almost any place. 
2. Its potential is to purify water & can cook in an easier and faster way.
3. It's totally focused on getting maximum radiation absorption from the sun, no electricity required, no polution, light weight. You are not required to change the direction or angle of the system to get maximum solar radiation. It is most affordable, easy to maintain and manufacture, best suited for remote areas.. compared to other products.
4. This idea can be applied almost anywhere the sun's rays can reach, which can be any remote areas, villages, cities, mountains etc..
5. There are very few or almost none that work like this product because of its affordable cost & unique design.
6. How does it work...
on two principles -- optics & greenhouse effect.
taking example of double sided convex lens, we get point or circle focus . so this system has a triangular lens like structure which causes trapezium like focus .. and I have placed a frustum container at the focal point.
7. How the product is manufactured...
it requires a metal or glass container, a thermal resistant translucent sheet and a metal wire or a frame.
8. It requires only $10 to $12 which cost with best result.


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