Solar Engine

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All regions the world over with high temperature weather are suffering from consumed power by air conditioners, where this consumed power is localized in a compressor. This design is generated to solve this problem.

It is a simple solar collector that is made of metal with good conductivity and coated with a black color to collect more sunlight. This collector is adopted over the base of multi Stirling engines so this collector will be too hot when it is subjected to sunlight the order that is used to operate all Stirling engines. all Stirling engines are connected with each other by a single crank shaft (such as with internal combustion engines). The output of the crank shaft is connected with a compressor that compress the working fluid of air conditioner (like R134a ,R22, R12, etc.).

Each Stirling engine is charged with low latent heat working fluid under constant volume)) and I suggest R-12 so as to make the Stirling engine work with low rate of temperature will be localized in the solar collector.

The outer limits of the solar collector are provided with heat pipe application which are starting from this location and end with thermal storage. Thermal storage contains a material inside it which is characterized with high latent heat and it is covered with a good thermal insulation material such as fiber glass so as to prevent heat losing from boundary. I suggest the used material is the salt so as to store more thermal energy which will transport to it by means of heat pipe application.

When the sunlight be suitable then sunlight accumulation over the collector tends to raise the temperature and this case will raise the working fluid pressure (R-12) inside Stirling engines and then operating them. Rotating crank shaft will rotate the connected compressor of air conditioner at the end. Some of the heat energy over the collector due to sunlight subjecting will be transported by heat pipes to the thermal storage because of the temperature difference between the collector and salt.

When the sun goes down in the evening the collector temperature will also go down. At the same time the thermal storage has stored more heat energy during the sunlight action then, heat will be transported in opposed direction
it moves from thermal storage towards the collector the order that raise its temperature again and this one will operate the Stirling engines and finally the compressor.



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