MEUSOL - Modular Enclosed Unit of Solar Optimized Light

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Modular Enclosed Unit of Solar Optimized Light

MEUSOL intends to ease a major problem of current society: energy generation.

The concept consists in an array of solar panels disposed in an optimized geometry and distance of a specially designed light bulb that can excite the panels, generating electric current 24 hours per day.

The energy consumed by the bulb is exceeded by far by the generated energy.

Exceeding energy is stored into battery banks and used afterwards as on any regular solar energy system.

The main benefits of this system are:
- generation of energy 24/7;
- absolutely independent of sun availability, location, time and season;
- extremly low maintenance;
- no need to use roof space or large solar fields;
- can be stored underground, basements, etc;
- it is modular, so it can be "stacked" in order to increase capacity depending on demand;

Currently the solar systems present some disadvantages in relation to MEUSOL such as:
- Sun is available only few hours a day;
- Some regions of the globe are not suitable for efficient solar energy generation on traditional way due to factors as weather;

This project can be applied on household or industrial scale as it is modular and it can be "stacked" both phisically and eletrically linked in parallel.


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