In-person or Robo Lawn Care & Bailing for Export or Farm Food

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Subscription and gentleman farms are all the rage. People want grass fed beef. Sometimes there isn't enough feed or grass available for rotations. It's gets muddy which leads to pests and maybe antibiotic overuse. Why can't a small or robo combine scoop up 100's or 1000's of nearby lawn grass to feed these chickens and cows and other farm animals. At 2.00 a large bale, these feed store could be home or farm pelletized and or wrapped in shrink plastic and exported even. There is a fuel amount there too. Grasses and turf of any genetic new or old background could be planted for whatever characteristic. Rye ...wheat lawns? Maybe not? As populations increase and land decreases we might see a need to tap into every tiny niche way to get energy from the sun; in this case, from grass.


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