Ecopot Planters & Composters

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Ecopot is a planter with built-in composting.

Urban organic wastes is a toxic polluting problem globally. Landfills don't accept organics now. Composting is slow, needing time, labor & cost. Why not grow vegetable plants directly from organic wastes, increase food, O2, save the environment?

Ecopot is a bio-active pot with a coating to convert organic wastes to manure.The plants use the manure, grows well. Ecopot has a partition with root holes forming a large waste, smaller plant chambers. Lemon grass plant is shown in pot. The water drain is on the sides, not bottom - less watering & leachates of organic waste are not drained but used by plants.

Fit the partition inside. In the plant part fill soil, plant & water for stage of plant-little for seeds, more for big plants & season. In waste part, dump the organic wastes (veg,non-veg, leftovers, spoilt food) & cover with 1 inch of soil. Don't water waste part.

A series of Ecopots can sequentially use home organic wastes. The waste levels will decrease, next waste layering can be done. Old plants are composted - nutrient for new plants.

World cities needs more food, less garbage, more O2 & clean air! Our organic waste garbage is now an asset. Urban garbage gardens in all homes using Ecopots can reduce waste collection costs, landfill need & add vegetables, fruits supply-local produce. Ecopot vegetables are healthy with no chemicals added. Urban Ecopot garbage garden is a low cost, low labor home solution to reduce mountains of garbage. If organics wastes are used up for plants, plastics, paper, metal are recycled, urban garbage volumes decrease. Plants use CO2, give food, O2 & clean air.


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