Hurricane Vanishing Walls

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There have been many incidents where hurricanes destroyed many homes and killed many people. It happens frequently. I have thought of a plan how we can prevent hurricanes. In this concept, we will first build a right triangle by solid iron frames size 30 in.x 20 in.,height 100 feet. The length depends on the places 10 miles or 20 miles, etc., since the wall is made out of a solid iron frame. It will be 20 feet under ground for stabilization. Inside the right triangle solid iron frame there will be aluminum grid fence panels size 20 ft x 20 ft. That are each 1 in.x 1 in. The spaces in between them are also 1 in. We can slide each panel in and out of the frame. The panels can also be locked in the frame. There are a set of vertical panels and horizontal panels. When the hurricane goes through the panels, it will be stopped by the panels. And will vanish/convert to the air. There is also a built-in gate on the bottom of the wall. So if necessary, we can open it to go through. This can be closed and locked if there is an upcoming hurricane . There are hinges on the left and right side. In between them are locks. I hope in the future the earth will be happy without hurricanes.


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    Huong Pham
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    THE LONGEST ROLLING FANS . I made mistakes . The curved fan blades would be 73 tablets Instead 197 tablets and the thickness would be 1/3 ft. Instead 2 1/2 ft .please revise when reading those . thanks .
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    It none gas - no pollution . clean air...
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