Resistance Energy (Generating Wind Energy Using Flapping Panels)

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How does flapping panels turbine work?

The Flap Turbine (FT) is a novel type of vertical axis turbine (VAWT) where the blades are made of movable flaps. These movable flaps, when combined together, act as a sail or blade for the VAWT. This type of turbine is also known as a check valve turbine because of the check valve like the behavior of the moving flaps. When the sail is moving in the downwind direction, the flaps are closed and will not allow air (water if the turbine operates in the water) to pass through the sail. However, when the sail is moving in the upwind direction the flaps will be in the open position and allow air (or water) to pass through the sail.

The most important characteristics of the FT, which is self-starting and omnidirectional, is that the flaps are operated by the wind (or water) and not with complex mechanisms

Flapping panel turbines generate power from the wind by resistance. I think this is the best way to generate wind power because the resistance is close to 100% and it has the capacity to generate more energy than the HAWTS. But the problem lies in the fact that no one ever got the design. Which can generate commercial power because of problems faced by VAWTS So my goal in this research is to develop a new type of (FT) that can overcome the problems of VAWT:
• Can cover twice the area covered by HAWT
• Does not require a lot of material
• Cheap design and construction
• And the most important thing is to generate more energy than the HAWT can generate

I noticed that the flapping panel turbine that I developed has some features that make it overcome the research problems and other features that make it a future way to generate energy from the wind. The developed turbine can cover nearly 198.9% of the swept area covered by HAWTS, which means almost twice the swept area.Everything is  on the ground (gearbox and generator), which will reduce construction costs and make it easier to repair the turbine. Because FB turbines are based on wind resistance, they are close to generate 100% of the wind energy with neglect of wasted energy in friction and the power of inertia. The speed of the wind required to start the movement is inversely proportional to the swept area

The turbine is made of environmentally friendly materials and is recyclable (PVC paper and Kevlar ropes), unlike normal turbines made from environmentally harmful and non-recyclable materials (resin and fiberglass). The cost of building a single turbine is one-third the cost of building a normal turbine and can generate twice as much energy.



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