Plant Protection

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Plant Protection (Plants, cultures, green spaces, etc.)

A phyto product is used in agriculture to protect cultures against parasites (insects, Fungi, weeds…). World market 40B€. 1st agric. in Eu France biggest phyto user (1,8Billion€ !).

Regulation & awareness convince politicians, collectivities and professional to replace chemical phyto by natural phyto. GreenProtech developed different natural products to chemical offering alternative solutions.
• Agriculture : cereals, vegetable gardening, horticult., red fruits, olive grove, grapevine ;
• Green spaces : golfs, roadway, sport fields, gardens, cemeteries ;
• Market (F) : 1,5Mha agricult. bio, 28Mha convent. + pro & amateur green spaces (GS);
• Revenues (F) 310M€ agri. bio, 4Billions€ convent. ; 600M€ GS = 4B€ ; Eu> 10B€ ;

Natural insecticide solution CBC ITP2 repels and kills insects, their larvae and / or their eggs, effective to repel or eliminate arthropods (mites, spiders or ticks!).

This natural composition targets insect pests of plants (phytophage), effective on the following insects: aphids (egg stage, larvae or adults, green, ashen or black aphids, leafhoppers, green leafhopper and flavescence dorée, whiteflies (larval stage) and adult), flies (larval and adult stages), thrips (larval and adult stages), June beetle larvae, mole cricket larvae, gray or white worms, scale insects, including mealybug (larval and adult stages), cranes and mosquitoes (egg stage, larva or adult stage).

CBC ITP2 proposes a solution for 20L / ha or 600 € / ha;

CBC ITP2 aims to provide biological alternatives to chemical control for plant protection products. The products are based on plant macerations, essential oils with bio-stimulating and fertilizing properties. The processes involved integrate the concentration of the active ingredients of the selected plants.


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