ReGenX Generator for Electric Power Generation

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The ReGenX Generator innovation is unique in that it reverses Generator Armature Reaction.

Generator Armature Reaction is directly responsible for 80% of the financial input cost associated with electric power generation and 80% of the waste and pollution.

Generator Armature Reaction is a Counter-Electromagnetic-Torque which is produced by the magnetic fields which are created around the current bearing wires inside all conventional generators when they are placed on-load and when delivering electric power.

The generator's on-load induced counter torque performs negative work in opposition to the torque direction provided by the prime mover (input power from; wind, water, diesel, nuclear etc.) and always necessitates an increase in the mechanical drive shaft input power to the generator which is provided by the prime mover.

For example; for every 1 Watt of electricity generated in a conventional generator, the magnetic fields created perform 1 Watt of negative work and an additional 1 Watt of mechanical input power is always required above the no-load requirement to compensate or the magnetic fields will stall the system.

Generator Armature Reaction and the Counter-Electromagnetic-Torque produced are explained in a law of physics called Lenz's Law.

Lenz's Law is essentially Newton's Third Law as it applies to Electromechanical Systems - "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

For every action in an electric generator i.e. power generation - there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction, i.e. a Counter-Electromagnetically-Induced-Torque and Negative Work performed.

The patented and patent pending ReGenX Generator innovation introduces a Load Current Delay into the generator's operation and this Load Current Delay, delays (in the time domain) the current in the generator, which delays the magnetic field produced and the net effect is that this reverses Generator Armature Reaction and produces an on-load Complementary-Electromagnetic-Torque which works in concert with and in the same direction as the torque supplied by the prime mover rather than against it.

For every action in a ReGenX electric generator i.e. power generation - there is an Equal and Identical Reaction, i.e. a Complementary-Electromagnetically-Induced-Torque and Positive Work is performed.

The ReGenX Generator produces and Equal and Identical - Complementary Reaction when delivering electric power to the loads and absolutely no increase in the mechanical drive shaft input power to the generator is ever required to be supplied by the prime mover.

Therefore for every 1 Watt of electricity generated by the ReGenX Generator an additional 0.00 Watts of mechanical input power is required above the no-load requirement.

This means that the drive shaft's mechanical input power supplied by the prime mover to the ReGenX Generator never increases above what is required at idle on no-load and as a result the input power requirement to the ReGenX Generator is always 80% less than conventional generators which do produce Generator Armature Reaction.

For electric power generation using ReGenX Generators; 80% less input power required/80% less financial input cost, 80% less prime mover physical size is required and 80% less output pollution and waste are produced.



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