Oil Spillage

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Oil spillage in sea, ocean is very common and creates serious environmental problems. There are a number of ways available to tackle this problem. We propose a new method which is very easy, chemical free and clean to solve this problem of oil spills. We attach strong neodymium magnets at the outer side of a ship's structure preferably at the draft or at water level. Then spray very fine magnetite particles over the oil surface as much as possible  As these are very fine and lightweight, these tiny particles float on the oil surface and stick to oil. Then move the boat in oil spill affected area. What is seen is that most of the oil starts getting attracted towards the magnets which is attached to the boat. This is due to attraction of magnetite which are sticking to the oil surface towards the magnets and they bring oil along with them towards the boat.

Once oil is gathered around the boat then it is easy to scoop or pump the oil and collect in the container or barrel. Then move the boat to the another oil spill affected area. The magnetite or iron ore are abundantly available in nature such as river and sea sand or even in industry. Magnetite can be collected by moving the magnet in sand, filter it out several times and take finest particles. In future specially designed oil spill boats to tackle oil spillage may be constructed and made available on ships carrying oil taker and other VLCC and ULCC. Like life boats and life raft are essential for life saving. This was demonstrated recently at a science exhibition held in Mumbai.


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