Emergency Shoreline Breakwall

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Sustainable Technologies
Technical Abstract
Emergency Shoreline Breakwall

Climate change during recent years has created numerous flooding events that are short in duration, very damaging to shoreline properties, coastline erosion and create unsafe conditions for shore and coastline inhabitants. The use of technology to improve the quality of life and make it safer for these inhabitants necessitates a rapid and easy method to protect shore and coastline inhabitants, properties and the environment from catastrophic flooding and water damages.

An emergency shoreline breakwall constructed of polypropylene corrugated sheets would be easily arranged in a breakwall configuration held in place with fiberglass reinforced rods and bermed with sandbags as may be needed. The polypropylene sheets are readily available in an assortment of various lengths and rolls as an off the shelf product thus lending to numerous arrayed arrangements for rapidly deployed emergency shoreline breakwalls during catastrophic or seasonal flooding events.

Fiberglass reinforced rebar rods that are prefabricated and readily available off the shelf, have high tensile strength, are non-corrosive, eco-friendly and are used to place and attach the corrugated sheets. The emergency break wall constructed from polypropylene corrugated sheets and fiberglass re-bar rods is lightweight and is easily configured and installed to conform to the user's need.


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