Power to Every Soul on Earth

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Ocean Energy focuses on transforming ocean and sea wave energy into sustainable electric energy for every soul on earth, using a first of its kind wave turbine.

1) Continuous electricity (24*7*365)
2) Giving access even to remote areas via 'Portable Energy' concept
3) Zero carbon and other gas emissions
4) Independent, Stand-Alone Wave Turbine Systems (Size of these facilities can be varied as per needs and requirements of factories/organizations/society/governments.)
5) Super cheap electricity
6) Solutions to automate and energy saving
7) 'Smart Electricity Concept': A device that learns using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to adjust the amount and intensity of electricity required for a particular job. And accordingly supplying the electricity for optimal usage.
8) NO threat to marine life

1) We are using sea wave's unexplored pressure and Kinetic energy on the sea surface.
2) Meaning, the orbital force and velocity of waves is converted into rotary motion of the turbine.
3) This turbine gains high rotational momentum because H2O is 1,000 times denser than air.
4) With high input forces, we benefit to use strong magnetic fields, which in turn helps in producing a high amount of electricity.
5) The whole electricity generator and transformer and other appliances are installed inside the Main Turbine Cylinder (water-proof).
6) The complete unit is placed atop civil structure, which is floating over the sea surface; satisfactorily fulfilling its purpose of maintaining the optimum position of the turbine.
7) The civil structure is constrained to the sea bed using flexible mooring lines (freedom to endeavor) attached to ballasts, hence eliminating the need for expensive concrete/steel structure.

Compared to Wind Turbines (widely accepted), Wave Turbine is:
• 5 times smaller
• 4 times more electricity generation capacity
• Zero damage to natural ecology

General Advantages:
• 24*7*365 operation.
• Performance can be predicted 24-72 hours in advance.
• High electricity production capabilities.
• Robust Structure & Reliable Functioning.
• Capability to install on the majority of Sea-Shores.
• Long Life.
• Electricity can also be attenuated to transfer over large distances.
• It can be easily integrated with On-shore & Off-shore Plants.

Commercial Advantage:
• Electricity can be sold at cheaper rates (3 to 6 cents per unit)
• Excess electricity can be converted to liquid fuel.
• As all major human settlements are along shores; hence, our transmission cost reduces.
• As the size is small and the support structure is made of flexible steel cables; our material, manufacturing and installation cost reduces significantly.
• Cheap compared to Solar, Nuclear, and other power plants
• High Return on Investment.

• Industries
• Housing Societies
• Government
• Individuals
• Portable Services

• Market value US$ 11345.0M by the end of 2022
• Number of Customers: Shoreline hubs (for a start)
• Conversion Rate: Depends on our Value Proposition and Marketing Strategies
• Sales Cycle: Per month basis

• Current Status: R&D, Prototype Made (1/45 scale)
• Next Step: Working on 1-10MW model.



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    Neeraj Abhang
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